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Sharyn Abbott


Sharyn is the author of ten books and has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show where she was featured for her innovative concepts on positive communication techniques; on Business 2000 Television; on Channel 44's Working at Home; and hosted her own A Business Affair radio program.

Ms. Abbott was featured as a keynote speaker at Money Fair, a homebased business trade show and she is the founder of Elite Leads Business Development.

Sharyn presented five topics on several Princess cruises featured as onboard entertainment. She has been keynote speaker at several conferences including Houston’s Author’s Conference; Sacramento’s Challenge to Change and featured speaker at JV Alerts.

Sharyn has been speaking since 1991 when her mentor took her to a Lion's Club meeting and received a great compliment a year later when one of the attendees who had seen her told Sharyn "If I hadn't heard you speak, I would have had to give up my business and take a job."

From that point on Ms. Abbott was hooked. She believes it is an amazing privilege to be able to affect people in a positive nature through public speaking. More information is available on her website,