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Sarah-Jane is fondly known as the Trust Doctor, she is a love warrior, medical intuitive and animal communicator who helps people and animals)to trust and love themselves again. To reclaim the confidence to own their worth and know that they are enough, no matter what anyone else says including their own saboteur voices. They learn to identify their blindspots, fear based self sabotaging patterns and unconscious commitments that keep them feeling stuck, exhausted and depressed so that they can transform their old victim stories and trauma into truth and triumph. because when you rewire your nervous system and stop the fight/flight or freeze by creating your own safety, you never had as a child, you have a strong mind of your own to live a fulfilled, deeply happy, purpose driven life.

Her clients regularly report that her “fierce love medicine, gentleness, humor, depth of psychic knowing creates life changing shifts as if by magic, in short periods of time.