My Offering


My Story

Hello My Name is Zara Rose. I am a Woman of God. I have been blessed with many Spiritual Gifts to Inspire, Encourage & Empower People with God's Love.


One of my Most extraordinary Gifts from God is the “Seer” Gift.

The Seer gift is the ability to speak someone's destiny into existence. This ability will direct a Person with tangible action steps in the direction that will produce God's highest and best results for their Life.

I have over 30 years experience with personal transformation, spiritual encounters and epiphany moments.

I am not just called to serve only Believers in Jesus Christ, I am sent to help direct All Those Seeking Wisdom, Knowledge, Guidance, Freedom, Self Expression and Joy!

Come take this Sacred Journey with Me and experience Divine Renewal.

You are more valuable, precious and extraordinary than You can even imagine.

Let us work together to discover the awesome and amazing Diamond inside of You, to shine for All the World to See!

The Benefits of Working With Me


1. I change lives with the Words God gives me to speak to people. I have seen people change before my eyes to have peace and be empowered.

2. I Have a Spiritual listening ear, I can discern the limiting beliefs under what is being said and what the blocks are to greater satisfaction, joy, freedom and Love in a person’s life.

3. I give directional insight for You to achieve The highest and best purpose for your Life to walk in the Destiny You were designed for.

4. I offer strong and faithful emotional support and spiritual wisdom and guidance.

5. I will hold your hand with compassion and wisdom through the entire process.

6. I am a lifter of broken hearts and disappointed souls. I speak words that heal and uplift People.

Call To Action

(If any of these resonate with You, Let's talk about it.)

Have you acquired all the bells and whistles in Life, yet do not have joy, self expression & freedom? What is missing?

Are you tired of the same old, same old?

Do You believe No One Cares About You or that Your Life does not matter?

Do you feel like it is to late for your Dreams to come true?

Are there roadblocks preventing you from achieving your desired goals?

Are You dealing with unresolved trauma and wounds from your past?

Do you need someone to listen?

Do you have Emotional Support in your Life?

When was the last time you had positive uplifting powerful healing words spoken over Your Life that inspired, encouraged and empowered You?


1 on 1 Coaching

  • 6 Month Commitment

  • Personal Transformation Counseling: Emotional Support, Spiritual Wisdom & Guidance Coaching

  • Private & Personal: All the Attention and focus is on You and the results You want to produce.