My Offerings


I Zara Rose have over 40 years of experience doing transformational work on myself.  I have participated in many styles of Breakthrough training, personal development and Spiritual awakening and epiphany experiences.


I am a Woman of God and a Wise Woman with a Seer Gift from God.  I am committed to supporting People in being their Highest and Best.  I see their Potential even when they do not and can lead them on that Path.  I am here to Inspire, Encourage and Empower People with God's Love. 

I have a Gift of being Positive and Abundantly Loving with a Huge Heart of Generosity and Compassion.  I am a free spirit and I go with the flow.

My Gifts and skills are Leadership, Knowledge/Wisdom, Motivation/Inspiration, Consistency, Dependability, High and effective Communication Skills, Compassion and a Commitment to Leaving a Legacy of Love in Our World.

I am avant-garde, bold, colorful, a trailblazer, and A POWERFUL COMMITTED INSPIRATIONAL LEADER!

I would absolutely Love to work with You, after reading about me and My Programs, listen to the still voice inside of You. Is it saying “Yes, This is for Me!” or “No, I am not feeling it!”   Trust Yourself and do what Your Sweet Spirit is telling You. I am here to contribute to People's Lives, I know not everyone will resonate with Me and I am very Ok with that. 

Whether You choose to participate in My Programs are not, know this in the core of Your Being, I LOVE YOU, AND PRAY FOR GOD'S HIGHEST & BEST IN YOUR LIFE!  You are Valuable and Your Life Matters.

Packages & Prices 


1 on 1 Coaching

  • 6 Month Commitment

  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TRANSFORMATION Emotional Support/Spiritual Wisdom Coaching

  • Private & Personal: All the Attention and focus is on YOU and the results You want to produce.


Group Coaching Call

  • 6 Month Commitment

  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TRANSFORMATION Emotional Support/Spiritual Wisdom Coaching

  • Be a Part of A Support Community for Personal Development, Emotional Support, Spiritual Wisdom & Guidance.



In both programs we will discuss, learn and explore principles of:

  • Self Love

  • Healing

  • How to be in a state of Joy

  • Mastering Your World

  • Forgiveness

  • Gratitude

  • Living Your Vision and Passion

  • Releasing Limiting Beliefs

  • Overcoming Obstacles

  • Spiritual Guidance and Wisdom

  • Self Confidence and Self Worth

  • Making an Impact

  • How Our Interpretation Matters

  • Dealing with Disappointment

  • Personal Satisfaction and Contribution! 

I am open to adding topics, Per People's requests.  

I am committed and dedicated to supporting the desired results My participants wish to achieve. 

I have a seer gift from God and I will be using this Spiritual Wisdom and Guidance to lead the Group into having more Freedom, Joy, Self Expression, Peace and Love.

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