Group Coaching


This Program Offers being Part of A Support Community for Personal Development, Emotional Support and Spiritual Wisdom & Guidance 

I will facilitate a Targeted Discussion Support Group, We will incorporate training based on meeting the requested need of the Group.

We will discuss the desired results of each Person and focus our attention on sorting through any uncertainty or limiting believes to set realistic and achievable goals. This group will include Personal and Emotional Support, Spiritual Wisdom and Coaching. It is confidential and each member is accountable for Our integrity, honor of each member and Value we are producing together.

This Program includes:

One - 45 minute Zoom call per week (4x a month). We will set the day and time according to the needs of the Group. 

The cost is $427. per month

**As a Added Paid in Full Bonus, 1 month in addition FOR FREE! GIFT OF $427, this is the 7th Month of contract.

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