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Dorinda Walker


Dorinda Walker is the author of the acclaimed book “Protected by Purpose”, a memoir that dives into her life story and provides the success secrets that allowed her to transition from a path to prison or death as a teenager to becoming one of the fastest rising brands in business. She tackles issues that affect many individuals today. Being born into a dysfunctional family, battling addiction and its consequences on the family, mental illness, domestic violence, overcoming low self-esteem, and her father’s battle with A.I.D.S. Walker gives affirmations and shares the lessons she learned to help others overcome similar issues. She gives readers a deep understanding on how through it all, you can turn these tragedies into triumphs with love, faith, and forgiveness—this book will inspire readers to know that they can empower themselves to not only survive but go on to achieve success beyond their wildest dreams with distinct purpose.