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Chiraya Dharma is a Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, and Bestselling Author who reminds us of our divinity to help us experience true prosperity, well-being and divine awakening!

As a Scribe and Orator of the Lineages of Light in service to the awakening of higher consciousness, Chiraya Dharma is able to tap deep wisdom while clearing energetic overlays, all in practical, easy to comprehend ways that often lead to instantaneous results of expanded self love, transmutation of emotional pain, and profound clarity.

By comprehending the nature of reality and "why things are the way they are," we can learn how to love ourselves more and break out of unwanted patterns to show up and shine our light.

As a Coach and Spiritual Guide, Chiraya Dharma has experienced direct contact with the original Source Light of Creation and the Guides and Angels of the Light in service to humanity’s awakening since she was 7. She has been trained directly from within as an interdimensional spiritual healer, and has been trained in numerous modalities including Soul Clearing, Healing Touch, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, Energy Healing, and other modalities with numerous teachers, and has been helping people for over 30 years.